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Mikhalkov’s movie and other adaptations

Oblomov portrayed by famous Russian actor Oleg Tagakov

In 1979, Nikolai Mikhalkov (Burnt by the Sun, 12) directed a movie adaptation of Oblomov. See clips from the film and excerpts form its initial reviews.

Also read more about other adaptations of the work for the screen and the stage, including one unintentionally humorous British production that became known as Son of Oblomov.

Memorable passages

Read some of Oblomov's most memorable passages, taken from Marian Schwartz’s 2008 translation of the novel.

Historical Context and Critical Reception

Learn more the work’s historical context or read about how readers have received Oblomov, including what Leo Tolstoy, pictured above, had to say about the work.

About Goncharov

This handsome fellow is Ivan Goncharov, author of Oblomov. Learn more about Goncharov’s life or see a timeline of his life.


C.J. Hogarth’s 1915 version of Oblomov, the first translation into English.

In a letter to a friend in 1868, nine years after Oblomov’s publication, Goncharov shared his views on translations of his work. “I cannot stand to see myself translated; I write for Russians, and attentions from foreigners is not the least bit flattering to me.”

Fortunately for non-Russian speakers, translators have ignored Goncharov’s aversion to translation. Six major English versions have been published. Read more about those translations.

Goncharov’s letters and autobiographical sketches

Read a selection of letters in which Goncharov discusses Oblomov and some autobiographical sketches he wrote at the request of others. These letters can be found in Diment’s excellent critical companion to the work.


Oblomov has exerted a large influence in and outside of Russia. The term oblomovshchina can be found in Russian dictionaries, and Lenin referred to the character of Oblomov in some of his speeches. Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan created the Oblomov Foundation, a fund that would finance artists who agreed to not exhibit their work for one year. Read more about Cattelan’s project and about how others have been influenced by Goncharov’s work here.

Oblomov in the internet

Countless blogs are dedicated to literature. Some of their contributors have recently picked up Oblomov. Read more about their encounter with Goncharov’s work here.


Oblomov is full of references. Slotz, best friend, travels all of Europe and attends all sorts of cultural events, which he tells Oblomov about. Read here about some of these allusions.